06 December 2007

My Portal of Links I Ripped Off

Why provide any originality when you can just link to other people's hard work right? God bless the internet. There's a really good Bill Roggio article in Long War Journal about Iranian operatives in Iraq you can check out. Now that Iran doesn't have nukes, the biggest threat is their malicious campaign in Iraq that has an unclear agenda. An MNF-I press release discusses reconciliation issues in MND-C. While political progress at the central government level may be a bust, at least it's happening at a local level. There's an interesting draft debate started by IrritatedVet on Vetvoice right now. I remain ambivalent about the draft, however I do wish more youngsters would stop being such pussies and sign up for some service to their country. Maybe they can draft someone like Jenna Bush in the meantime, who's seen here gabbing on the phone with her POTUS daddy. Senseless tripe. Or you can just read about the scourge of SE Asia, ladyboys. Everyone who's been to Thailand knows what I'm talking about. Cheers!