21 February 2008

Code Pink to Conquer LA

I took a shot at Michelle Malkin for waxing faux-patriotic in response to the whole Obama ruckus, but I'm giving her a big hat tip to an alert on those aging hippies that don't go away, Code Pink. Despite massive amounts of negative publicity for their shenanigans in Berkeley, they think it'll be a good idea to do a "Counter-Recruitment" campaign against a Navy Recruiting Center in LA:

Join CODEPINK outside of the Navy Recruitment Center in Santa Monica! Wear your pink for peace as we gather to spread the anti-war message and to educate the public about the risks associated with military recruitment and why it’s smart to OPT OUT. To attend, meet us outside our new location at the U.S. Navy Recruitment Center located at 2708 Wilshire Blvd. in Santa Monica (90403) at 12 noon this Friday the 22nd.

You have to start to wonder if people like this and those "hardcore kids" who "totally trashed" a recruiting station in DC (thanks Chickenhawk Express) are all a clever ruse to stifle any sort of intellectual discourse on the immensely complex Iraq war. The fact that this Code Pink "protest" is at noon on a Friday ensures that only unemployed lowlifes and easily-misled high school kids will show up to the damn thing. Can't wait to see the media coverage of this event.

Maybe this whole thing is personal since I was recruited for the Navy out of Los Angeles way back in 2002. I may have harbored some bitterness over the years, but like every vet I've talked to (both for and against the Iraq war), I'm glad I did it.


Anonymous said...

Dear God in Heaven why do we have to put up with these people? I am SO sick of them.
So it didn't really work with the Marines, now they're going after the Navy?? They're extra pissing me off now.

LT Nixon said...

Yeah, Kath, this shit needs to stop. Politically speaking, they're only hurting themselves.

Anonymous said...

They're ridiculous and a waste of space. I have not one freaking good thing to say about these people. They can't make a reasonable point -- other than oh, we're against the war. Well, assholes, everybody's against the war. How stupid is that? What idiots. Get a fucking job and make a contribution to the world and stop sniveling around like you are important to anything or anybody.