21 March 2008

BillO Flips Out on HuffPo and Kos

I'm not the biggest fan of Huffington Post or Daily Kos, since I'm not a liberal in the same way they are. But to accuse the left-leaning websites of being Nazis borders on the ridiculous. Bill O' Reilly's outrage comes from some anonymous comments that were left about Tony Snow's cancer. BillO has previously flipped out on the sewer that is the internet by declaring it hate speech. C'mon, man. Midget amputee porn, crazy conspiracies about 9/11, radical politics, Star Trek fan fiction and such is why we love the internet so much. I wouldn't exactly equate some loser in his mother's basement as the coming of the fourth Reich though.


Felafel said...

What, like everything that comes out of Bill's mouth isn't hate speech??

LT Nixon said...

To BillO's credit, he does support the new GI Bill.