21 March 2008

US News and World Report Embarrasses Iraq Vet

Countercolumn has a post today about how out of touch the mainstream media is with military reporting. Nowhere is this more evident than a recent misprint at the US News And World Report when talking about an Iraq vet counter-protesting the nonsense that took place yesterday in various major cities in America (which got state-run Iranian media attention, BTW). From US News:

Standing just outside the recruiting center were several current or former servicemen, including Coby Dillard, who said he served on the USS Constitution as a Navy petty officer in 2003. At one point, a lob of red paint hit the sidewalk and exploded at Dillard's feet. "This is the blood that has been spilled," yelled a protester before being admonished by a noticeably perturbed organizer.

Great! Good to know a fellow squid who has done time post-9/11 is standing up against the marxist goon squad who wants to degrade our military. Of course his claim to be an Iraq vet, judging by the text of this article, looks to be in question since the USS Constitution or "Old Ironsides" hasn't seen any action on the high seas since the War of 1812.

The USS Constitution: Ahoy! It's the ship that brought "teh awesome" to the Persian Gulf in 2003

She's a purty ship, but probably not creating that "Shock and Awe" effect that was desired during the initial invasion in 2003. I did a cursory google check of Mr. Coby Dillard and found a post of his over at the Gathering of Eagles. Turns out he served on the Kitty-Hawk class Carrier the USS Constellation. Oh...now it all makes sense.

I'm not part of the Gathering of Eagles, since I'm pretty mild-mannered and their affiliation with Melanie Morgan gives me the willies, but I respect their organization since it is primarily veterans. I feel compelled to send this snafu over to Jonn Lilyea at This Ain't Hell since he was nice enough to link to me yesterday. It's like the mainstream media is trying to make vets look stupid.


Tin Ma'am said...

oh the media always gets something right. I'm gonna take a stab in the dark and say that they may have meant the USS Constellation.

Kat said...

I've been on the Constellation when it was in dry dock in Philadelphia oh so many years ago (ahem). and the Constitution is no Constellation, great ship that it was.

LT Nixon said...

I'd rather serve on the Constitution. Free Rum!

D. said...

I'm still trying to get that corrected....and all my phone calls/emails have gone unanswered.

LT Nixon said...


Don't worry I got your back. Tell 'em LT N sent ya! It is a bit embarrassing, but we know the real story.