21 March 2008

Iraq News (21 March)

The Good: A lot of controversy has been generated in the American media about the US "arming" the Sunni resistance to engage in a civil war with the Shi'ite-dominated government. I retort that this gloom and doom talk is a whole lotta bullocks, since the Sons of Iraq are putting down their Kalashnikovs for brooms to clean up their neighborhood in Hawr Rajab. Also, disillusioned foreign fighters are fleeing Iraq (to some extent), because they come to their senses and realize killing other Muslims is bullshit, presumably.

The Bad: There's an investigation into KBR doing a shoddy electrical work that resulted in two non-combat deaths. To KBR's benefit, I've seen some pretty shoddy electrical work done by government-employed shipyard workers as well. More violence in Kut, as some of the Mahdi Army guys didn't get the memo on the ceasefire, or (more likely) they are just rogue thugs.

The Ugly: Army and Marine Captain's are crucial to the counterinsurgency campaign, except that they are getting out of the military in droves (much like yours truly). And, thanks to Ms. Kath for the tip that Volvo has been fined $19.6M for giving kickbacks to Saddam during the disastrous and scandal-ridden Oil-for-Food program in the pre-invasion years (more gross incompetence from the UN).

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