11 May 2008

Iraq News (11 May)

The Good: A major Iraqi Army operation has been launched in Mosul dubbed Operation Lion's Roar. Iraq's third largest city is under curfew as security forces are going to flush out the terrorists that have, for too long, brought destruction and violence to the people in the region. The terrorists operating in northern Iraq are the true threat to international security (as opposed to the militia thugs who are just a threat to Iraq), as most of their leadership is from a variety of foreign countries in which they seek to export their bizarre ideology. This operation has gotten very little attention in the American media, but Arab Times has a quote from the head of the Iraqi Armed Forces calling on the tribes and clerics of Mosul to kick out Al-Qaeda. The AP reports that Sadr City is calm with militants leaving the streets and the citizens resuming their normal lives. Tina Susman has some good reporting on the construction of the security barrier in southern Sadr City by our troops, and it should be noted that the US backs the ceasefire and stipulations between the Mahdi Army and the Prime Minister.

The Bad: A woman and child were killed in an escalation of force incident near Mosul. The San Francisco Chronicle has an opinionated piece on the Iraq war as an incubator of terrorism. I think the statistical evidence they cite in the article is bunk, as they attribute more US/Iraqi Security Force deaths in 2008 as the result of an increase in "terrorism". I would consider the saddening rise in casualties due to the offensive against Shi'ite militia thugs, who I am skeptical on labeling terrorists.

The Ugly: Great news! The VA, the organization in charge of taking care of our physical and mental health, stinks according to this New York Times article. The article cites the extensive cost to take care of us vets. Certainly caring for veterans is costly, but it's the government's obligation to do this (unlike all the other pork-barrel spending the feds engage in). I can already see how vet benefits are going to get cut, as people demand more money for themselves. We're headed for tough times brothers and sisters...

All Eyes on Mosul