04 August 2008

Hard Times For Seattle (in pics)

On a quick jaunt to Seattle today, I learned that the famed babes with guns paintings from The Whiskey Bar are no longer on display. Damn!

I also saw this sign for luxury hotels downtown. Note the "Luxury with a Conscience", which is a lame attempt to assuage eco-guilt (h/t Deflation Land for the pic). This is one more step in ensuring that only self-righteous, yuppie clowns populate Seattle. Good thing Tacoma has more and more cool shit to see and do. How did San Francisco survive the Great Doucheification of the late 90s? Despite the fact that I live in Rubesville across the Sound, I humbly suggest Seattlites utilize their collective tattoed and pierced noggins to brainstorm! Just remember, the next time an art studio gets closed down to make way for a Jamba Juice, your beloved city could be next.