24 September 2008

End Game in Iraq

The soft spoken Secretary of Defense had this to say about the situation in Iraq during a press conference:

I believe we have now entered that endgame – and our decisions today and in the months ahead will be critical to regional stability and our national security interests for years to come.
As Iraq has completely dropped off the radar in American news coverage due to the elections and the economy getting dicked up, it is imperative to elect intelligent representatives in order to ensure gains do not falter. The disenfranchisement of the mostly Sunni Sahwa groups could prove disastrous, as the last time the armed Sunnis were neglected, an insurgency was born. Of course, this reconciliation is the responsibility of the Iraqis themselves, but we should provide the necessary diplomatic and military support to help foster this nation. IMHO, I think the American history books will look back on regret towards Iraq as a strategic blunder based on propaganda from a failed political ideology. But, just walking away and allowing the country to degenerate into total chaos (like we did in Lebanon in the 80s and Somalia in the 90s) would have been the worst scenario.