06 October 2008

Naomi Wolf Freaking Out the Puget Sound With Lies About the Military

Moran Naomi Wolf Continues To Not Heed Advice

Feminist moran, Naomi Wolf, has advocated some very silly ideas in the past. Presumably because she can't get any, Ms. Wolf has argued for abolishing our beloved pornography because it kills men's libidos, while simultaneously advocating for women to rock the hijab/abaya to cover themselves from the prying eyes of men (you're ruining it for everyone, lady!). After last week's criticism of her unhinged paranoia at The Huffington Post, you'd think she'd give it a rest. But, on Friday she appeared on Seattle's NPR to talk about the 3ID working for NORTHCOM. CJ and Jason already explained why this homeland deployment is no reason to run to the mountains and take up cause with The Wolverines, but Naomi doesn't want to hear it.

The radio segment is absolutely painful to listen to. The normally liberal NPR station in the normally liberal town of Seattle isn't even buying this nonsense, as evidenced by the radio host laughing when Naomi Wolf says "Everything I've predicted has come true!". She then calls 3ID the "blackshirts", criticizes police for having a "Rovian S&M fetish" for their riot gear, and somehow the Mayor of NYC is involved in all these fascist shenanigans, which veers sharply into LaRouche territory. An ex-military recruiter calls in and cites the last time an American was killed by the military was in the 90s, which was the result of Clinton stationing Marines on the border in the misguided drug war. It is ironic that Naomi Wolf actively campaigned for then Vice President Al Gore's to be prez in 2000 by becoming an "Alpha Male". Even though the Blackshirts comment satisfies CHUD criteria, she sidesteps the issue of not supporting the troops by saying she adores them, and that they should actively desert to save their souls.

While being weary of government abuse is an important part of being a citizen, her alarmist and illogical ramblings about a coup that has already taken place are both ridiculous and offensive. Obviously, she's just a partisan hack trying to whip up support for her lame book. Unfortunately, many Puget Sound residents are taking this bs seriously and flipping out in the comments section of Slog:
From the start of the Obama campaign I've had the feeling that Bush will never leave office. I firmly believe the elections will be cancelled and some bullshit "we're at war" proclamation of martial law will be issued. The neo-cons have it all figured out. That's why all the National Guard units have been weakened by deployment and de-equipping. Just you wait and see.
I find it disturbing that people believe the military would try and pull off an "October Surprise", so I feel obligated to let everybody know if I get tipped off that the entire Pacific Fleet is underway to siege Seattle. If you see this blog transform from lame posts about Palin Sex Tapes into unadulterated praise for our glorious President for Life kicking off the "Year Zero" this month, then I advise heading to Canada with bottled water and an assault rifle.