07 October 2008

Proof That Jesus Died in Vain: Obamaerobics

The fact that dorky white people can't dance cannot be overstated. One only needs to attend a local wedding to understand that drunk people "shaking their booty" to a Mambo Number 5 remix is a precursor for stabbing yourself in the face with a soldering iron. The young African-American members professing their admiration for Obama in military fatigues registered about a 0.2 on the outrage scale for myself, primarily because I know black fraternities are into that sort of thing and they have some rhythm for God's sakes. These retro/emo/hipster weenies are total embarrassments with an accompanying website that doesn't even have a hint of irony. Please stop the madness before a spandex-clad and menopausal Olivia Newton-John teams up with this abomination.

(h/t Slog)