07 October 2008

Soldiers Trippin' Out, Finally Understand the Meaning of "The Wall"

This is sort of interesting. The DoD has released information on various chemical and biological tests conducted on military personnel from the 40s up until the 70s. The website is a treasure trove of information, and it even discusses LSD being given to soldiers to monitor mental and physical reactions. From Chemical-Biological Warfare Exposures:

Additional testing of LSD occurred at Fort McClellan (1959-1960) and Dugway Proving Ground (1959). The personnel tested at Fort McClellan were volunteers from the Chemical School. After exposure to LSD, these volunteers performed various military and non-military tasks. Little information relating to LSD testing at Dugway Proving Ground is available today. The test apparently involved four officers who were administered LSD and then required to teach a class.
These officers were supposedly volunteers, and "they" supposedly don't do these tests anymore. But I knew something was up when I was screaming about the pink alien invasion buck naked in the bilge a few years ago. Unfortunately, the website doesn't get into the Frank Olson story, who jumped out of a window after being heavily dosed with LSD during the CIA's MKULTRA experiments, but it is still pretty damn interesting.