18 November 2008

Fun Times Political Compass Quiz

From a suggestion by ABWF on this post, it's an open call to all readers, commenters,well-wishers, and haters to take the political compass quiz to better gage how people's politics line up in Obama's America. It doesn't take long, and it is based on a two-dimensional model of how you think on economic and social issues, rather than the traditional lib'rul/conservatoid 1-dimensional view. As you can see, I am way in the drugs n' porn wingnut territory:
Some other readers have taken it and their scores are as follows:
Ms. Kiyum: Econ -3.0, Social -5.4
DaveC: Econ +1.6, Social -2.7
Logically Locked: Econ -4.6, Social -4.3

Take the quiz and leave your score in the comments, and I'll try to make up a consolidated graph of everybody, perhaps with some bling added.