13 November 2008

Many Not Happy With Prop 8 Thugs

Back in 2000, when I lived in CA, there was a similar Proposition 22 to ban gay marriage, in which I voted "no", but it passed overwhelmingly (61.4%). I don't recall a lot of "Fuck Mormons" banners being displayed throughout the state like this time around, but perhaps my memory is shoddy. MezzoSF, a member of the SF arts community, is very upset that the director of the California Musical Theater was forced into resignation over giving a whopping $1,000 to the Yes on Prop 8 campaign (she voted No on Prop 8). There's always going to be a few kooks out there for any political cause, but the whole tone of No on Prop 8 protesters seems to be downright nasty. They certainly aren't interested in winning over moderates.

To reinforce that point, here's some Prop 8 thugs beating up an old lady in Palm Springs: