05 December 2008

"Impeach Bush" Ornament Removed From White House Tree Due to Lameness

Please Wake Us Up When BDS is Over

Some angry old hippie, a Deborah Lawrence, was chosen from Seattle's Congressional District to design the White House tree ornament. She choose the avant-garde and shockingly original political slogan: "Impeach Bush". We haven't heard that one before! Zzzz. The Seattle Times called the move "embarrassing", and the White House isn't even going to hang this taxpayer-funded monstrosity:

'Tis not the season to post calls for impeachment on the White House Christmas tree.
A spokeswoman for first lady Laura Bush said Tuesday that the White House tree will not include an ornament by a Seattle artist that supports President Bush's impeachment.

I have a suspicion that the Impeach Bush mantra is going to be around for decades on bumper stickers of aging geezers driving Subaru Outbacks. Even "Impeach Nixon" can still be spotted on the East Coast.
Lawrence's artwork isn't terrible, so you think she could've put something cool on an ornament representing Seattle's contribution to culture. Like the 20th anniversary of Sub Pop or the hometown of Matthew Broderick's character in War Games. Anything but tired old memes when the current administration has only one month to go in office.