05 December 2008

Iranian Regime Continues Oppression of Excellent Music

A metal resurgence in Iran appears to have caught the eye of the fundamentalist thugs who are in power. Our Persian brothers and sisters in the metal militia are being rounded up for gearing up in "Satanic" outfits [Javno sourced from The Drudge Report):

Police have arrested 49 people this week in a northern Iranian city during a crackdown on "satanic" clothes, IRNA news agency reported on Thursday.
The measures are the latest in a country-wide campaign against Western cultural influence in the Islamic Republic, where strict dress codes are enforced.

"Police confronted rascals and thugs who appeared in public wearing satanic fashions and unsuitable clothing," Qaemshahr city police commander Mahmoud Rahmani told IRNA.
In principle, this is the same as Tipper Gore and her group of busybody DC wives trying to shut down culture through the Parents Music Resource Center back in the 80s. Demonizing musical genres as offensive, Satanic, or whatever has been tried before and will no doubt fail.