25 December 2008

Joe to the World!

From the blog roundup of those deployed in support of operations, I forgot to include Ramblings from a Painter, who works for the State Department at the new fantabulous embassy (he's pictured above). The post got a link from one of the bigger bloggers, Spencer Ackerman, so hopefully these folks will get the recognition they deserve. Thanks Spencer. Also, CJ has the message to the troops from the President Elect if you are interested.

For Christmas Santa left me Nikki Sixx's Heroin Diaries...it's pretty good! I've always wondered how the four guys from Motley Crue stayed alive all these years, and reading Nikki Sixx's diary from 1987 makes the paradox even more baffling. I always get a gag gift for someone, usually a Chuck Norris movie or something, and this year the lucky recipient was my pops, who received the following:

Merry freaking Christmas.


Elizabeth said...

Your pops is one lucky man - he's going to love it, and that's no gag! Though, I haven't read it myself...yet. Merry freaking Christmas to you both!

LT Nixon said...

I saw the book at the airport when flying home and just knew it would be a perfect gift. Sorry your guy has been out of the news, Elizabeth, but he did name his dog finally.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha....How did I know at least one of the two comments on this one would be from Elizabeth? I must be psychic or something.

Elizabeth said...


I thought he named the dog Champ...or was it Chump...whatever, he did get himself in the news for putting the animal lovers in a tizzy...some people can't win for losing.


Well, you know I couldn't resist...I'm not that strong!