09 December 2008

LT Nixon Gets Ripped Off...Again!

So, I went to put gas in my truck this morning and noticed that my credit card wasn't working. Naturally, I thought it was a liberal conspiracy to fund abortions for Code Pink members or something, but I called the credit card company just to be sure. Turns out someone in Queens, NYC tried to take out two large cash advances with my credit card number and the company blocked the second transaction. The call center gentleman from India was very helpful in getting this sorted out and I'm not going to be charged a dime. Not sure if this has to do with the Koobface virus on Facebook, but somehow they got my info. A co-worker who serves part-time in law enforcement advised not making online purchases in the future, but I dunno how else I could get hard-to-find movies like Vice Versa. I suppose it's a risk worth taking. The same type of thing happened to me last year while I was in Iraq.

So do yourself a favor and check your credit statement before you have to file bankruptcy or go on the lam.