09 December 2008

Obama Confirmed Addict

Obama Still a Confirmed Smoker (like Reagan, FDR, and every Prez from the 1800s)

Obama recently admitted during an interview on "Meet the Press" to not having been able to kick his smoking habit. It's pretty understandable that being the dude-in-charge in times like these might be slightly stressful. From the LA Times:
MR. BROKAW: Finally, Mr. President-elect, the White House is a no-smoking zone, and when you were asked about this recently by Barbara Walters, I read it very carefully, you ducked.

Have you stopped smoking?

PRES.-ELECT OBAMA: You know, I have, but what I said was that, you know, there are times where I've fallen off the wagon. Well...
Reason wonders if the President will have to sneak out to the back of the White House to smoke that sweet-tasting nicotine. I'm just hoping that Obama doesn't further tax the bejeezus out of our beloved cancer sticks like the previous Democrat administration. Clinton and Gore went on a tirade against working-class Americans "for the children" by practically putting the tobacco companies under and outlawing cultural icons like Camel Joe. Since state governments are so dependent on cigarette taxes, they're probably not going to be cut anytime soon, but at least we can point to a Jonesing Obama every time some government wag wants to extort more cash. Now that's Hope and Change we can believe in!