15 January 2009

Anti-War Crowd To Get a Whole Lot Weirder Under Obama

Code Pink Witchcraft Might Just be the Beginning

This Ain't Hell talks about Jon Bruhns, who was once on the forefront of anti-war activism in this country. He's got an op-ed that talks about something that has been very obvious for quite some time: anti-war demonstrators are too damn wacky. Sure, back in the 60s marching with a bunch of hippies might've gotten you some action later at the "groovy love-in", but with today's "peace movement" well into the octogenarian age cycle, it might not be such a good deal. Modern activists have done everything they could to exploit vets by convincing them to turn against their countrymen in arms by falsely admitting to being guilty of brutal war crimes.

But John's trying to cool things down with this latest Op-Ed:
By alienating the silent majority, the current anti-war movement has dealt itself a bad hand that essentially diminished its credibility.

In a democracy, strength is in numbers. This anti-establishment and absolutist view of the political process is likely to be the real cause of their implosion.

As someone who's been fighting for years for an end to the war in Iraq, I find this tragic because we need the voices of millions to put pressure on our elected officials to end the conflict and fix the many problems facing our country. But those voices have to be credible to be taken seriously, and circus acts never are.
No doubt, John will be accused of being some kind of "Rovian Agent" or part of some neo-con cabal for his moderate and rational piece. Perhaps, he understands that when the Democrats are in power, people looking to take down this country through "revolution" became that much more crazy. The savage violence of the DNC protests of '68, 2000, and the "Battle of Seattle" in '99 were all during Democratic administrations. Something about the far left getting completely unhinged when "their guy" isn't espousing the policies of Leon Trotsky. We're already starting to see signs of this in Obama's world, and it's probably going to get a whole lot worse since Obama has advocated a centrist approach to foreign policy. Watch your back, folks.


Elizabeth said...

I can only imagine the frustration that John feels.

It's a big country and there's all kinds of points of view...all we can do is hope the voices of reason prevail...like yours and John's.

It's not just the anti-war or pacifist gang...it's the media who, it seems, were not paying attention to what Obama was saying during the campaign and now they are so confused...God love em'...or not.