17 January 2009

Friday Weapons of Mass Destruction

Interesting photo gallery of all things nuke-related at Photography Served. I picked this 1951 atomic warhead and gussied it up a little:

Sure, our economy might suck and our nation might be full of fat chicks, but at least we can still obliterate the world a thousand times over.


Dillinger737 said...

The problem is that if we obliterate the world... then we're stuck with the fat chicks. Insane commy leader or not, we should probably spare Russia. Have the seen the Russian chicks? That would be a terrible waste. I do like the idea of mushroom clouds, nuclear winter, and far fewer idiots though.

subrookie said...

Every russian chick I've met wears way too much makeup. Given that none of the nukes would probably take out Australia (where more fat chicks iive then here).

Who would have signed up for the Minuteman II duty. Those Air Force guys must have been nuts. Stuck in a tube forever without a Wii, Guitar Band or Dance Dance Revolution.

I have to say everytime I see a B-36 I think about how bad ass they look and imagine Mr. Kong riding the A-Bomb in Dr. Strangelove:

The russians did have one thing right...they still keep the TU-95 Bear around forever another bad ass plane:

LT Nixon said...

I don't see how Minuteman duty could be worse than submarine duty, but they both suck. Gates was a Minuteman guy I think, and I ain't talking about his sex life.

Ms. Kiyum said...

More cushion for the pushin, LT.

Anonymous said...

Fat chicks keep you warm at night, and actually LIKE to fuck.

Lisa said...


Surely you haven't forgotten Queen's anthematic "Fat Bottomed Girls," have you?

to anon: I can see the Three-Dog Night aspect of the thing, but as a friend inquires, "Once you get it all moving, how do you stop it?"

LT Nixon said...


Perhaps my post was slightly off-kilter, because I consider myself "equal opportunity" in the romance department. No disrespect to the late great Freddy Mercury, but I prefer Spinal Tap's Big Bottom.

subrookie said...

You're probably right about Minuteman duty not being as bad as a sub, but at least when you join the navy you know that could be an option.

Join the Air Force and probably the last thing you think you'll be doing is sitting at the bottom of a big tube in Minot, ND without ABC's Wide World of Sports or even so much as an after school special on TV.

There's a hot, fat chick that rides my bus to work everyday LT, I'll hook you up. Just don't use her granny panties for a life raft when your A-320 ditches in Puget Sound.

Lisa said...


Fair enough on Spinal Tap. "Sniff the Glove" was brilliant. And I always felt you to be egalitarian in all departments.