16 January 2009

Radley Balko On the Drug War

Pretty informative and no further comment necessary. Just read it at Culture11. Get up to speed on the issue the media and politicians refuse to talk about even while our Mexican neighbors might be heading towards failed state status.


LogicallyLocked said...

That was a very nicely written article. I remember reading (or hearing) somewhere that if marijuana was legalized, the money from the crop from California alone could get us out of our massive national debt.

I'm having a really hard time seeing what we're gaining from having a ban on drugs. I could go on for pages about how absurd it is honestly. But I will say any law that tells me what I can and can't do with my body needs to go away. Prostitution and suicide included.

Ms. Kiyum said...

Just another personal freedom taken away by the man. Think about how many farmers Uncle Sugar could stop bailing out if they could start growing more cash crops.

LT Nixon said...

I didn't even consider the economic angle, but it's a good idea.