19 April 2009

Micahel Steele Points Out Hypocrisy of DHS Report

I'm having a minor argument with internet-pal Eric Dondero about how good a job Michael Steele, RNC chair, is doing. He's raised a bunch of money this month, but I think he needs to do more media engagement that swindling cash from the geezerly GOP base. Anyways, I stand corrected because here's Steele in a pretty sharp appearance. Although it's on Fox News, when I think he should be on Comedy Central, MSNBC, and whatever else the kids are watching these days to avoid preaching to the choir.

Skip ahead to 6:08 for Steele talking about the recent DHS report on right-wing extremism and the FBI targeting veterans. He points out that the administration is targeting certain right-wingers/vets as "terrorists", but is hesitant on calling Islamic fanatics "terrorists". The new Orwellian-speak for the brutal acts of douchebag car-bombers in the Muslim world is "man-caused disasters". I'm surprised that the DHS report didn't refer to domestic terrorists as "homegrown man-caused disasters", didn't anyone at the DHS get the memo?

Also, I'm sure we'll see the progressive community and the ACLU apply the same rigorous muckraking and pro-bono legal defense for right-wing extremists that they did for violent fanatics detained at Gitmo and interrogated by the CIA...or not.


DaveC said...

I like Michael Steele and thought it was cool that he digs Sarah Palin. Both of them have had a lot of crap piled on them in the last 3 months, but they understand that it goes with the territory. Neither of them were to blame for McCain's loss, so let it go. Steele has Dem politicians who are friends, hey that doesn't bother me. And he really doesn't have to complain 24/7 about Obama, he just has to do figure out what it takes to deliver enough House of Representatives seats to the GOP in order to actually debate bills before they are passed. That's the real issue nowadays.

Also don't blame the DHS mess on Johnette Napolitano, who is so totally hot. (forgot how to embed this, cut and paste it into your browser:)


Ms. Kiyum said...

In six degrees of Johnette Napolitano, LT Nixon is only three degrees away.

Eric Dondero said...

Internet pal indeed. Hell, you live in my ex-wife's hometown. In fact, right down the street from her. (Near the Blue Goose tavern.)

Tell her that I've got a few bills to send her that came in the mail in her name.