11 August 2009

Greeting From an Un-American

So, I've been in upcountry Thailand for awhile and didn't have the world's fastest internet connection. But imagine my surprise to find out I wasn't really an American because I dared criticize The Obama deficit-ridden health care thingy. Rather than whine about how mean the Democrats are bullies, I'd rather just use this opportunity to morph into a caricature that has no national boundaries, like Captain Planet (but not as gay) or Lord Humungus or something. Who's with me?


subrookie said...

I'll be forwarding this "fishy" blog post onto White House as suspicious activity. Maybe shortly we can fire up the House Unamerican Activities Committee again and blacklist you.

Nicholas Blendy said...

I would have gone with Apache Chief; inyuk-chuk, baby.

Also, damn that Ted Turner for brainwashing me with that stupid Captain Planet cartoon that came on before Garfield and TMNT.

Oh, and Obama's Death Squads have noted your non-conformity. SEIU thugs are on their way to enforce the tri-lateral commission's wishes by putting enough fluoride in your water to kill you. Or something.

Hail Xenu!

Xenocles said...


olgreydog7 said...

It sure WAS American to criticize/quetion any and all Bush policies. Even the ones the BHO has adopted.

Nixon said...

Looking forward to the SEIU visit!

Oh yeah, and OGD, patriotic dissent is Soooo 2005