09 May 2008

Iraq News (9 May)

The Good: 6 militia thugs have been killed in Sadr City after firing at US soldiers. You'd think these guys would change their behavioral patterns as every time they shoot, they usually get greeted with retaliatory fire from US ground forces or hellfires from the air. The cell that launched a mortar attack last afternoon in Baghdad that killed civilians met an non-triumphant end from 3 hellfires shortly after the launch. Colin Powell is backing the GI-Bill sponsored by Sen. Webb, which is a pretty high-level endorsement.

The Bad: Two contractors were killed by indirect fire (rockets) down in Basra. Despite my gung-ho enthusiasm yesterday that Islamic State of Iraq front man, Al-Masri, was captured in Mosul, it turns out to be a case of mistaken identity. Well that blows. Reports of high-level capture/kills have been botched in the media in the last month. This includes Hasnawi being killed in Sadr City and Al-Douri being captured in Salah ad-Din (both would've been good news, but were incorrect). Why does the media like to fuck with us so bad.

The Ugly: The GI Bill didn't make it through yesterday, despite tremendous bipartisan support. Something about Blue Dog Democrats...don't ask me how Washington works. Greyhawk over at Mudville Gazette highlights the political malaise associated with the GI Bill. Perspective on the diplomatic quandry that is US-Iraq-Iran relations from the Economist.

Oh, Fiddlesticks!