10 March 2009

Obama's Minions Will Soon Be Annoying You At Your Residence

After the messiah's coronation, you may have noticed that many lefty blogs got thoroughly boring in a hurry. Also, the big name anti-Bush commentators at MSNBC who provide blog fodder have seen their ratings slide faster than Season 5 of Coach in the past month. This has to do with the fact that no one wants to read some crummy repackaged press release from the White House, and the anti-Rush/"conservatives are mean dickheads" argument got stale in about 1997. That's why critical thought and snarky analysis is going completely by the wayside for the liberal community, and just annoying the shit out of your neighbors with Obama slogans is the "new" new media.

Obama's propaganda wing, Organizing For America, has a new video on how to spread the gospel in your community (h/t Politico). You basically go around calling your neighbors and knocking on their doors to get on Team Obama. Because who needs to get their information objectively when you can just get some talking points for every wacky new policy the President is proposing.

Shudddeerrr. How would you like this creep coming by your house during dinner time to explain why the latest omnibus bill chocked full of earmarks was really the result of "Bush's Failed Policies"? Also, that map in the background looks like he's pinpointed where he chopped up hookers and dumped them on the side of the freeway in garbage bags. Of course having to listen to this knucklehead in person, I'd probably asked to be mercy killed too.


Bag Blog said...

Why am I reminded of the Bolsheviks?

J. said...

"explain why the latest omnibus bill chocked full of earmarks..."

Yes, I can understand your frustration that less than 3% of the bill is composed of what Sen. Lindsey Graham called "state necessities" such as a convention center in Myrtle Beach. How will we ever survive with such extravagence...

The Sniper said...

The three things that are most critical to America right now are health care, education, and energy?


What about the friggin' economy?!?! How about opening up drilling south of Florida... you know, where China and Russia are drilling 40 miles off of our coast?!?!

And thank god he's going to pour money into education... that same money that people don't have because of jobs that their education isn't helping them get or keep. You know who is still employed and moaking money right now? Plumbers. At least if Obama was pouring money into plumbing school he would be literally throwing money in the toilet instead of figuratively.

And J, you're a douchebag.

shea said...

The Rock Obama. The Rock, Dwayne Johnson is awesome.

shea said...

Hey Sniper,
The real reason they can't open up all the govt "protected" land for drilling, is because our vast oil reserves, and minerals, 90 percent on govt land, is used as colattoral for the national debt. President Nixon started this, when the dollar was pegged to petrol. Before you right that off as crazy, do some research and reading, it will surprise you, as it did me.

MezzoCO said...

whoa. whoa. whoa.

well. i have a feeling that no one is going to come knocking on *my* SFO door. but if so i'll invite them in and start talking about the bible...because only jehovah's witnesses still do the door-to-door thing, right??

Nixon said...


Careful the bible is probably going to be banned in the future. You don't wanna get hauled off to a work camp, haha.

MezzoCO said...

ha ha ha ha haaa...yikes. lol